Hotel company rips apart 'Bachelorette' contestant in savage tweet

Whether or not you tuned into this week's two-night long finale of 'The Bachelorette,' it's safe to say that you were probably unable to escape the office banter and social media backlash that surrounded the show's winner-turned-villain, Jed Wyatt.

Quick recap: Hannah Brown chose Jed Wyatt, the couple got engaged and Hannah later found out that Jed had been lying the entire time and had a girlfriend back home that he planned on going back to once filming wrapped.

When Brown confronted Wyatt, he claimed that he was 'just hanging out' with his girlfriend back home, Haley Stevens, despite the fact that the pair was throwing around the 'L' word and had spent the night together the day before Wyatt left for filming.

Suffice it to say, Bachelor Nation was not happy with Wyatt and his behavior.

Perhaps the best thing about reality television is that it bonds people — it's able to connect people that otherwise by giving us all something to talk about, even with big name companies or celebrities.

Hospitality site was not too pleased with Wyatt's actions and word choice during the show and subsequent finale and took it to Twitter to give Wyatt a unique offer he was sure to enjoy:

BTW @jedwyattmusic we have some awesome hotels in the Bahamas 🌴Perfect for your next trip with someone you’re “only hanging out with” 😒 #TheBacheloretteFinale

— Help (@hotelscomhelp) July 31, 2019

"BTW @jedwyattmusic we have some awesome hotels in the Bahamas," the tweet read, "Perfect for your next trip with someone you’re “only hanging out with'".


The tweet has since garnered over 160 retweets and 480 likes.

So what do you say Jed? A tropical hideaway far, far away is looking pretty good for you right now.

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