Corona-Warn-App: Only half of all laboratories can submit data

Around half of all Corona-test labs in Germany are currently tied up in a completely digital and Corona can handle Tests from the Scan of the order form to the Transmission of the data to the Corona-Warning-App digital.

The back goes from a response of the Federal Ministry of health to a request of the Deputy FDP parliamentary group Chairman Frank Sitta.

Accordingly, the laboratories are gradually being equipped with the technical components. 74 percent of the laboratories are connected to the current point in time corresponding to the verification server of the App.

Users, who have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, a carry this Status, even in the Corona-Warning-App. To prevent abuse, must be the infection confirmed officially.

This is done through a QR-Code that you receive from the testing laboratory. Alternatively, you can also enter a TAN that you get from a telephone Hotline, because not all laboratories are able to generate QR Codes.

In the infection in case the affected contacts get a note that you should test.

Digitization of the laboratories needs to be promoted

That only half of the laboratories has a full digital connection, is chains according to Sittas a “deficit in the fight against the tracking of Infection”.

“Positive test results directly as a warning in the Corona-Warning-App display, must be as soon as possible, the entire reporting chain is digitized,” said FDP Deputy in the German press-Agency.

Thus, the reports of the “data protection law is unfortunate” a telephone Hotline would be unnecessary.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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