Hulk Hogan Flexed His Jacked Biceps at 67 in a New Post-Workout Selfie

Chris Hemsworth may be training hard to play Hulk Hogan in his prime, but meanwhile the 2021 version of the wrestling legend is doing his part to rewind the clock.

Earlier this week, Hogan—aka, Terry Bollea—took to Instagram and went full Hulkamania with a sweat-soaked mirror selfie, flexing his massive biceps and showing off his impressively jacked arms. “At almost 68 years young and 297 pounds, arm workouts are starting to get crazy again, brother,” he wrote.

Celebrities were quick to react in the comments. “Get it brother,” wrote pro wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. “Strong!!!” added Hogan’s son, Nick.

It’s unclear if Hogan might be training for a potential return to the ring. If so, he’s not short on beef to settle: Over the past week alone, fellow retired legend Bret Hart took a shot at Hogan, accusing him of selfishness and saying that Hogan and other stars “slammed the door shut and never did anything for anybody, for whatever reasons.”

His motivation for training aside, Hogan didn’t provide any insight into the workouts he’s relying on to build muscle lately He did, however, shed light on one of his favorite pre and post-match rituals in a tweet from earlier in the week.

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In the photo, the Hulkster is proudly holding a can of Miller Light near the edge of a pool on a sunny afternoon. “All I need is a couple of these before the bell. Give me the finish,” he wrote. “Call it in the ring, and a couple more of these after the bell and you get history made with thousands standing until the music stops. Brother.”

While Miller Light may be Hogan’s post-match recovery drink of choice, however, we still recommend a protein shake if you’re trying to achieve any Hulk-like gains of your own.

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