No Time? No Problem!: 2 minutes six pack Challenge for a strong belly

Fitness Influencerin Whitney Simmons neglect with your new Workout Video is the answer for all the Ab-Training due to lack of time.

For this abdominal unit you need in addition to a soft surface and something to drink really just two minutes of your time.

2 Minutes Challenge

These six Exercises are exercised only 20 seconds long and followed each other directly.

Because they appeal to all areas, and particularly intense, these two minutes is a real Challenge. Do you dare?

1. Exercise: Swimmer Crunches

For this Exercise, you verschränkst the long outstretched arms tight behind the head, the feet are placed. From this Position you push as far as it goes, to the top.

The posture of the arms is crucial, because the weight shift, it requires more power from the center, to stand up.

2. Exercise: Low Plank Spider Crunches

Go for this Exercise in the forearm support and pull then alternating one knee to the opposite elbow.

Pay attention to the body with screws, so that the movement is also felt in the side of the Abs.

3. Exercise: High Plank Hold with Front Arm

Then it goes into the arm support. The legs are slightly broader than in the forearm support previously. Now, in turn, one Arm stretched out to the front up to shoulder height.

Mid-term without a mid-term break!

4. Exercise: Reverse Crunches

Now it is in the supine position. The arms stretched along the body and can be the necessary Balance to help.

Buttocks and lower back are in the air, and the legs, you push with the force from the belly up.

5. Exercise: Sit-Up To Boxer

Go for the next Exercise in the normal Crunch Position: supine position, the feet are hip width apart placed. From the lying Position you push the torso up until you are sitting upright.

Once on top, you’re taking a Punch per page. This not only activates in addition the lateral abdominal muscles, it also increases the Moment of tension.

Almost done!

6. Exercise: Standing Alternating Oblique Crunches

For the last Exercise, you stand with spread legs and always pull to one side of the knee up and the Arm down to the middle of the body.

While the leg goes back to the ground, the arms stretching over the head, and you change the page.

Try all the Exercises at a steady pace and push yourself right to the Limit. Finally, you need to keep only two minutes in total.

That’s not enough for you? Then start a second pass and see if you can increase the intensity or the execution of optimize can.

Kimberly Papenthin

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