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Set down a few alternatives to maintain a fitter and healthier lifestyle

Maintaining a fitness routine at home seems unmotivating for many. On the other hand, not including any fitness activity in daily routine also results in psychological and other health concerns.

“Amid the concern of safety, fitness tech has taken over the industry with a range of virtual workouts, wearables and devices. Including a physical activity or workout in a daily routine along with a few alterations in the lifestyle can work as a stress buster while maintaining emotional well-being,” said Pratik Sud, co-founder of

As such, accutane month 2 take a closer look at people’s lifestyles during the stay-at-home era and set down a few alternatives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remote coaching

One on one training motivates people in the gym and fitness centers. The onset of the pandemic last year enforced the fitness industry to move to virtual space and provide remote coaching. Later, it became a trend in the industry especially for people who do cannot step out to exercise. As a result, remote coaching is one of the most popular ways to stay motivated for exercise, get personalised workout recommendations and see a change in their health while staying at home. The idea of convenience and easy access to fitness training within a few clicks entices people who save the commuting time and devote it to carrying out other productive tasks.

Smart workout equipment

Home workouts and gyms have become the new normal and make sense when everyone is gearing up to prevent the third wave of the pandemic. While stuck at home, people have limited access to fitness equipment and tools for their workout needs. As a solution, AI integrated workout equipment like smart exercise bikes, treadmills and weight machines can be used to enhance the overall workout experience. With technology-based smart equipment, people can recreate a gym studio at home with live workout sessions and other built-in features to improve performance.

Smart wearable’s and devices

Wearables have dominated 2020 and have become a new normal for fitness enthusiasts. People looking for innovative ways to plan their workouts and meet fitness goals must find a wearable that delivers precise health information. With an increased focus on home fitness, smart wearables can track calories, heart rate, number of steps taken in a day, etc. The devices integrated with AI collect data that help in providing customised workout plans and coaching. These fitness tools have greater adoption and have played a crucial role in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle at home.

Immunity boosting diet

To fight the coronavirus infection, one needs to have a strong immune system. It is the first defence against the virus and starts from the kitchen. While staying at or working from home, it is common to become lethargic and compromise with diet. But people can find that Indian kitchens are always full of ancient herbs and spices that can help boost immunity. It is better to incorporate natural supplements such as ginger, raw turmeric, black pepper, cumin and garlic to strengthen the immune system. Additionally, certain seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and melon seeds irrespective of anyone losing or gaining weight. Further, higher levels of vitamin D have been strongly associated with better resistance against upper respiratory infections.


Physical health has a strong connection with mental well-being. During the pandemic era when home isolation has become a necessity, the mind needs to be healthy so that it can produce happy hormones for the overall well-being. Including 15-20 minutes of meditation daily in the morning or before sleeping can provide immense benefits to multiplying immunity. In addition to this, practising deep breathing exercises and yoga keep the mind clutter-free can spread positive energy to the body.

“There is no doubt about the fact that staying indoors derails health. But the key to achieving an active lifestyle is adopting a holistic approach. Diet, exercise and mindfulness together play a crucial role in ensuring physical and mental well-being for the long run. Apart from this, following the advice of health experts like taking vaccination and avoiding exposure can contribute immensely to the prevention of the third wave of COVID-19,” he added.

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