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We know how tough it can get when the clock changes and the cool season sets in – dark nights, freezing cold mornings, buy generic liponexol best price without prescription and a pure lack of motivation to take your trackies off and get into your activewear (let alone start working out).

So who best to speak to about getting back on track other than superwoman Michelle Bridges?

“The winter months can be challenging for the best of us! Even a highly motivated exerciser will baulk at getting out of bed when it’s 2 degrees,” Michelle explains.

“The one thing that gets me out of bed is training with mates or a booked training session with a personal trainer. If people are relying on me to go, I go. I personally think it’s one of the best ways to get you out the door, and the bonus is you have company to train with which really pumps up the energy factor or if it’s a trainer you’re meeting up with, then the thinking is taken out of it! You just do what you’re told.”

From getting Axel to school, to “breakfast, uniforms, chores, dog walked, school bag packed” and everything else, Michelle’s plate is certainly a full one. Add her new collection, ‘Gravity’ (guaranteed to make you feel good and in the mood to exercise), and you’ve got no-excuse to join in on the fun.

“Given the range coincides with Mother’s Day, I really wanted it to celebrate all the mums, daughters and caregivers out there. It’s soft, feminine and warm and it includes the new, long awaited collection of my ‘Mini Me’ girlswear. Pink, pockets and puffers set the tone for ‘Game Changer’. Fresh coral and rich berry are the hero hues of this collection with convenient side pockets and beloved layering pieces bringing it to life,” Michelle explains of the new collection, with prices starting at $20.

“We all have those women in our lives that are there for us rain, hail or shine, and that’s exactly how I wanted this collection to feel. Luscious fabrics, supportive styles and cosy pieces that have your back through the cooler months and beyond. I am so excited for women to get their hands on these new products, I think they are going to love it.”

The winter workout

“When I’m just not feeling it, I might jump on a bike to warm up and then do some light weights. Often the pin loaded machines because I don’t need to focus quite as much as I would with free weights, and I don’t go heavy, I go with medium weight. I’ll do upper and lower body exercises so that when I’m done I feel like I’ve covered all the main bases. I actually did this exact workout today for just that reason. I just didn’t have the band width today, so rather than doing nothing, I did something. It important not to blow off your training schedule as that’s the slippery pole, so, turn up and just do something. That way you stay on track.”

The winter diet

“I don’t tend to eat as much salad in the winter months but my warm veggie meals definitely go up. I’ll often make extra at night which I can then have as my lunch the next day. I’m also a die hard for my slower cooker. I call it my “chop and chuck!”

Chop up veggies, chop up chuck steak or chicken or just make it pure veg, throw in some herbs and spices, some stock and lid on and 5 or 6 hours later you come home in a cold dark night to what smells like mums home cooking! It’s so lovely and so easy! I love it so much I bought one for my best friend.”

The Game Changer range will be exclusively available at BIG W.

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