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Some parents choose a baby name just because they like the way it sounds. But some parents don’t want to rely on pure aesthetics when it comes to the name their daughter will carry with her for the rest of her life (usually, anyway). They want their baby girls’ names to mean something good, not just look good. And if this is what you’re searching for, you are in luck, cheap baclofen online pharmacy without prescription because here we have rounded up baby names that do both.

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After all, barring some serious name-changing paperwork (which, you know, is always an option), kiddo is going to be stuck with that name for life. So getting it right is important. Here’s our list of baby girl names that mean love, light, happiness and more.

  • Mabel: Lovable
  • Sophia: Wise
  • Emma: Whole or complete
  • Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace
  • Hannah: Favor or grace
  • Mia: A wished-for child
  • Chloe: Fresh-blooming
  • Violet: Flower
  • Victoria: Victory or triumphant
  • Darlene: Tenderly loved
  • Kalila: Dearly loved
  • Milada: My love
  • Grania: Love
  • Kennocha: Lovely
  • Cheryl: Dear one, darling
  • Cher: Dear one, darling
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love
  • Cara: Beloved
  • Vida: Dearly loved
  • Carina: Beloved
  • Amada: Beloved
  • Amara: Beloved
  • Amia: Beloved
  • Amor: Love
  • Davina: Cherished
  • Vida: Dearly loved
  • Farrah: Happy
  • Caroline: Song of happiness
  • Felicity: Happy
  • Gwyneth: Happiness, blessed
  • Carolina: Song of happiness
  • Luana: Content, happy
  • Allegra: Joyful
  • Halona: Of happy fortune
  • Joy: Happy
  • Makenna: Happy one
  • Trixie: Happy
  • Beatrix: She who brings happiness

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