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Lorraine: Dr Amir discusses Jennifer Anniston's diet hack

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Everyone looks for a different thing in their go-to breakfast. Some people just want the quick option that can be consumed on the go while others look for a punch of a flavour to kickstart their morning with. If you want something “relatively healthy” that will keep you “full for longer”, look no further than Jennifer Aniston’s morning meal.

Oats have been making a bit of a comeback in the past few years, with colourful images of fruits stacked on the whole grains posted on various social media.

For Jennifer Aniston, the breakfast food is nothing new, especially since her ex-husband Justin Theroux taught her a trick on how to add a kick of protein to the food.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Dr Amir said: “What she has for breakfast is porridge oats and she whisks egg whites and puts that on it.”

This extra touch in the form of egg white is what makes her breakfast different from the usual oat-based options.

During an interview with Elle, the actress famous for her role as Rachel Green in Friends explained this combo makes her stay full the whole morning.

Dr Amir shared: “Porridge oats’ slow release [of] carbohydrates keeps you full.

“The addition of egg whites is a protein that suppresses your hunger hormone ghrelin.

“And also increases your hormone called peptide YY which [also] keeps you full.”

Jennifer’s breakfast hack could potentially help you with getting rid of stubborn fat.

The Harvard Health T.H. Chan School of Public Health shared that feeling full for longer could help you take control of your calorie intake and consequently help you lose belly fat.

Dr Amir added: “She might well be onto something.

“Porridge oats and egg whites are relatively healthy, to be fair, as a part of a balanced diet.”

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