‘Being open is not a position!’ BBC Marr savages Miliband over Labour flip-flopping

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Vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said the UK is not looking at introducing vaccine passports and suggested people would ask their GP to provide proof of their jab if required by other countries ahead of any future visit. Ed Miliband said the UK should be “open” to the implementation of the measure. BBC presenter Andrew Marr hit out at Labour not having a position on it.

Asked what Labour’s position was on the measure, Mr Miliband told Marr: “I think we should be open to this.

“They may be necessary.”

Mr Marr interjected: “Being open is not a position.”

Mr Miliband continued: “The way I see this is we’ve obviously got to get the vaccine rolled out and the speed of rollout is brilliant.

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“We’ve got to have a quarantine system that works and at the moment we’ve got a Government that proposes a quarantine of five percent of arrivals that happen each day in the UK – that is not an effective quarantine system.

“That quarantine then gives us breathing space to work out what is actually happening in relation to these new variants and do we need vaccine passports, they may be necessary.”

Mr Marr added: “You say maybe, another former leader of the Labour Party is a lot more clear about that.

“Tony Blair has said an international Covid pass is inevitable and the Government needs to issue a single global vaccine passport ahead of everyone else. He can take a stance.”

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