Brexit warning: BBCs Laura Kuenssberg outlines pivotal trade decision Boris Johnson faces

Brexit: Boris Johnson told to 'protect British industry' by host

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Laura Kuenssberg discussed on the BBC’s Newcast the potential consequences of the UK agreeing to a free trade deal with no quotas on imports such as beef and lamb with Australia. The BBC’s Political Editor stated that Boris Johnson has not yet made his view clear on the trade agreement but will look to finalise the details of a potential deal before the G7 Summit in three weeks.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “Why this is so important from a political point of view is it absolutely goes to the burning core of what kind of Brexit people really believe in.

“Do they believe in saying ‘yes buccaneering free trade, let’s max up all the opportunities, anything goes’.

“Or do you say actually let’s take a more moderate view where you are protecting British industry at the same time?

“It is hugely contentious and the Prime Minister has not yet made his view really clear.

“The timing imperative is because the Government would like to have a grip and grin moment with the Australians when they are invited to the G7 summit in Cornwall in three weeks’ time.”

This is not the only fallout from Brexit that Boris Johnson is grappling with.

Last week, Sir John Curtice warned Boris that he must “accept the consequences” in Scotland of backing Brexit as pressure grows for a second independence referendum.

Sir John told the BBC that the UK going through Brexit has strengthened the case for another public vote in Scotland as the UK decided to leave the European Union after the first 2014 referendum on Scottish independence.

John Curtice says UK must ‘accept consequences of actions’

The polling guru added that the Conservative Party’s decision to pursue Brexit undermined the legitimacy of the union.

Sir John said: “You can reasonably argue that it was only seven years ago since we had the last referendum.

“The trouble is that Brexit happened in that interim and it is perfectly clear from the polling evidence that the pursuit of Brexit has undermined support for the union.


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“Indeed it has fundamentally changed the choice that Scotland now faces.

“Scotland now faces a choice between does it want to be part of a relatively small internal market but one that engages in fiscal transfers or does it want to be part of a bigger single market that so far has only engaged in a small amount of fiscal transfers.

“That is a very different strategic choice than the one that was put to voters back in 2014.

“I think having pursued Brexit as a political party you do have to access the consequences of your actions, which has been to undermine the legitimacy of the union.”

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