David Miliband claims it is common sense for UK to be shackled to EU

David Miliband: UK has suffered from ‘ill-informed delusions'

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David Miliband called on Britain to forever tie itself to EU rules despite Brexit, claiming it makes “common sense”. The former Labour politician and arch-Remainer made a case for the UK submitting the laws made in Brussels despite it now being outside of the bloc.

He argued that Britain’s days as a “superpower” ar over and MPs would have to agree to align to the customs set by another player on the world stage.

Speaking on LBC radio, he said: “There’s a regulatory bloc in the world that is defined by Europe. There is a regulatory bloc that is defined by America, and there is a regulatory bloc in the world defined by China.

“There is not going to be a regulatory bloc defined by the UK. We have to decide.

“We’re not going to be a member of the EU, but aligning with EU standards given that it is our largest export market makes common sense.”

He added: “The argument against that is we don’t want to be a rule taker.

“Well, point one, we actually wrote a lot of the rules when we were in the EU – those rules are still alive today.

“Two, the Brexiteers have shown no ability – literally zero – to find one area where they can have regulatory divergence.”

Describing closer alignment with the EU as “screamingly obvious”, he added: “Alignment on trade is something that is essential for our businesses.”

As well as making the case for Britain once again ceding power to the EU, the former Labour politician hinted at also rewinding the clocks by making a comeback of his own.

The former Foreign Secretary, who has been President of the International Rescue Committee since 2013, said it had “not been decided yet” whether he would stand as an MP at the next election.

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He added: “I’m not even going to go there because I’ve got to do justice to the people who are working for the International Rescue Committee.

“It means a lot to me that job, and I’m very committed to it.

“The Labour Party is, thank God, put itself into a position where it’s got good people leading it.

“It’s developing its plans for Government.

David Miliband asked about returning to politics

“That’s something that I think is really essential for the country that I really care about.”

Mr Miliband quit Parliament and moved to the US after he was beaten by his younger brother Ed in the 2010 Labour leadership race.

He was critical of his brother’s leadership claiming voters thought Labour was “going backwards rather than addressing the issues of the future”.

The former MP said shortly after the 2015 election defeat: “Both in 2010 and 2015, Gordon and then Ed allowed themselves to be portrayed as moving backwards from the principles of aspiration and inclusion that are at the absolute heart of any successful progressive political project.”

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