Emily Thornberry scores spectacular own goal as she compares Starmer to LENIN

PMQs: Keir Starmer asks Boris Johnson if he will resign

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The Opposition frontbencher said it was “pretty cool” to be considered in the same company as the founder of the Soviet Union. She made her comments on social media after Boris Johnson poked fun at the Labour leader’s legal background at PMQs.

Clashing with Sir Keir at the dispatch box, the Prime Minister criticised the Labour leader for opposing Brexit and added: “The problem with the Labour Party today is he’s a lawyer, not a leader.”

His jibe was met with cheers of glee from Tory MPs.

Hitting back on Twitter, Ms Thornberry, who is also a lawyer by profession and is currently serving as shadow attorney general, said: “On Lawyers and Leaders: I think it’s pretty cool to be in the company of the lawyers Obama, Mandela, Blair, Ghandi, Clinton, Roosevelt, Lenin and Lincoln.

“And better that than to be remembered as the leader who needed a lawyer!”

In a follow-up tweet she added Fidel Castro to the list.

Lenin was the founding head of the Soviet Russian government in 1917 and went on to form the Soviet Union just five-year later.

Under his rule the country became a one-party socialist state governed by the Soviet Communist Party.

He was responsible for the mass killing of political enemies executed without a full and fair trial, sending innocent people to forced labour camps, and stripping citizens of their rights.

The dictator also set up his own secret police, the Cheka, responsible for mass arrests, imprisonments and torture of Lenin’s critics.

Reacting to Ms Thornberry’s eyebrow-raising tweet Conservative MP for Bassetlaw Brendan Clarke-Smith said: “Good grief.

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“What have Labour and Lenin got in common? They’re both stuffed.”

Since taking over as Labour leader Sir Keir has attempted to move his party more to the centre-ground, distancing himself from more radical MPs and allies of Jeremy Corbyn.

His predecessor planned to unleash far-left socialist policies on the UK if he had won the 2019 election.

He was also criticised while at the helm for failing to blame Russia for the Novichok chemical attack in Salisbury in 2018.

Ms Thornberry’s tweet also comes amid increasing tensions with Russia as President Vladimir Putin is feared to be planning to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

He is accused of plotting to seize territories previous controlled by the Soviet Union to rebuild Russia’s influence on the world stage.

It is not the first time a tweet has landed Ms Thornberry in hot water.

In 2014 she resigned from Ed Miliband’s frontbencher after being accused of sneering at a voter who had draped his house in St George’s flags.

She was accused of snobbery after tweeting out a picture of the house with the caption: “Image from Rochester.”

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