Emmanuel Macron’s Brexit plot DISMANTLED: French President warned of ‘little effect’ on UK

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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Although the French President has taken a belligerent stance with the UK, he will have little impact on Brexit relations with the EU, one Tory MP has claimed. David Jones, Deputy Chair of the European Research Group insisted all the influence within the bloc remains with Germany despite Mr Macron’s attempts to increase his power. While the French President may attempt to use the UK as a “whipping boy” ahead of the domestic election next year, Britain will not hesitate to respon, Mr Jones said.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Jones said: “I think that most of the stuff that you see coming out in France at the moment tends to substantiate my view, which is that Macron is acting tough.

“He’s playing to the gallery.

“There is no doubt that he regards the UK is either useful whipping boy and what is becoming a bit of a surprise is that the UK is making it clear that it won’t be a whipping boy.

“So no, I think that Macron is going to continue to do this.

“But I think that it will probably have very little effect upon the UK position.”

Since the UK left the EU, tensions have flared with France over Channel crossings, vaccines and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

In tandem with the EU Commission, Mr Macron has taken a tough stance with the UK and has even refused a summit with Boris Johnson to smooth tensions.

With the German Chancellor stepping down in September, Mr Jones warned the French President is trying to cement his position as the leading voice of the bloc.

Despite his plans, the Tory MP for Clwyd West insisted Germany will always remain the dominant voice regardless of what the French President does.

He added: “I’m pretty sure that Macron thinks he’s going to step into Merkel’s shoe.

“The truth is that anyone who deals with the European Union, to any extent knows that the German voice is usually the one that prevails.

“The French voice is very much secondary to the German one.

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“Clearly in Germany, there’ll be a new German Chancellor, and it remains to be seen what that person’s position is going to be.

“But I think we can’t overlook the hard fact that Germany is the member state that usually carries the weight of the Council of the European Union.”

Diplomats from the UK had tried to organise a summit in order to place relations on a new trajectory.

But French officials have refused any meeting as they see no reason to do so.

Senior sources in the UK have now claimed French officials are now looking to “pick a fight” with Britain.

One diplomatic source told The Times: “The Government has reached out to try to arrange a summit but the French aren’t interested.

“They’ve simply said there’s no point.”

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