Liz Truss to open up trade route through La Havre and look to Holland amid French chaos

Liz Truss: France's fishing row actions are 'not expected'

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Liz Truss has tipped Briton to build new trade routes to Europe with the likes of Holland in order to cut out dependency on French ports amid the growing row over fishing arrangments post-Brexit with Paris. The Foreign Secretary explained on Sky News that events in the Channel had shown the importance of the UK diversifying trade and exports. It comes after French authorities impounded a  British trawler at the port of Le Havre in Northern France.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley pressed: “We’re also looking at other ports in Holland in the Netherlands and Belgium to try and open up trade routes.

“So that we don’t need to worry about Le Havre etc.”

“In general, it’s important for the United Kingdom to diversify our trade and not become dependent on a single source of imports, or indeed a single destination for export.

“So I fully support diversifying our trade and making sure we’ve got options because that puts us in a stronger position,” replied Ms Truss.


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