Nicola Sturgeon branded the ‘tartan Trump’ over Boris Johnson’s Scotland visit row

Nicola Sturgeon branded a ‘tartan Trump’ by commentator

The Scottish First Minister had suggested that the Prime Minister’s trip north of the border is “non-essential travel.” Boris Johnson arrived in Scotland on Thursday as he tried to shore up the Union and highlighted its importance during the pandemic. The Prime Minister has been met with criticism over his decision with many claiming it is part of a “charm offensive” as polls have shown a decline in support for the union. Nicola Sturgeon has criticised Mr Johnson’s visit and has suggested it broke Scotland’s strict coronavirus lockdown that bans all but non-essential travel.

But her comments have been condemned by radio host Mark Dolan, who told listeners to his listeners that the Scottish First Minister was acting as a “divisive populist.”

The TalkRADIO presenter said: “How dare you, Nicola Sturgeon. You don’t occupy the moral high ground, flogging the snake oil of separatism.

“You are just another divisive populist leader,” he added.

“Frankly your just a tartan Trump.”

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It comes as the pro-independence party’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the Prime Minister arriving at Glasgow Airport under a caption highlighting the UK Government’s coronavirus slogan: Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

Ms Sturgeon had earlier accused Mr Johnson of making a non-essential journey to visit the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, a vaccination hub in Castlemilk and a vaccine manufacturer in Livingstone.

But the SNP Twitter post backfired and provoked furious accusations of hypocrisy, arrogance and petty behaviour against the party.

One furious critic tweeted: “He’s the Prime Minister of Scotland. He can visit anywhere in the realm all he pleases. Not up to you lot to decide where he goes.”

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Another said: “I’m no Tory but it seems to me perfectly legitimate that the Prime Minister can travel to Scotland, as part of his duties acting in the interests of the United Kingdom.

“This tweet comes across as rather distasteful nationalism.”

While a Police Scotland spokesman confirmed they had received complaints from members of the public about the visit.

They said: “We have received a small number of complaints regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland.

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“This is a working visit in his official capacity as Prime Minister and we are policing the event appropriately.”

Downing Street is using the trip to stress the benefits for Scotland of being in the UK. 

In the face of criticism from the SNP, Downing Street has defended the trip and said it was a “fundamental part of the Prime Minister’s job to go out and see businesses and communities”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “It is obviously important that he is continuing to meet and see those who are on the front line in terms of those who are providing tests, in terms of those who are working so hard to deliver the vaccination plan.”

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