Spain quarantine: Former Balearic Islands President lashes out at UK over travel measure

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The UK Government over the weekend decided to remove Spain from the travel corridor exemption coronavirus list. The UK Government argued it would do this to any country that had shown a significant increase in coronavirus cases. The former President of the Balearic Islands José Ramón Bauzà has argued this decision should not include regions of Spain that have low cases of coronavirus.

While speaking on Sky News, Mr Bauzà claimed this decision was unfair as the islands have lower coronavirus numbers than the UK.

Mr Bauzà said: “We don’t understand the decision by the British Government.

“Of course we had some issues with coronavirus in Spain but in the Balearic region the numbers are better than in Britain.

“I can assure you, not just as a former President of the Balearic Islands but as well as a coordinator for tourism transfer in the European Union.”

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Mr Bauzà then attempted to convey the notion that the Balearic Islands was safe to visit for Britons.

Despite being removed from the coronavirus quarantine exemption list, he insisted the cases between the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain were completely different.

He said: “Being here in the Balearics is absolutely safe.

“It is as safe as any other place in Europe.

“The tourism sector has made a big effort and investment in order to let everybody know that it is absolutely safe to be here.

“I have been trying to explain to all of your friends in Britain about this.

“We didn’t know absolutely anything about this decision from the UK Government.

“For me it is just an unfair situation.”

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In addition to these complaints from Spanish officials, airlines in the UK have argued against this measure.

Heathrow’s CEO John Holland-Kaye has claimed instead of a two week quarantine, the UK should have coronavirus testing at airports like other countries.

Mr Holland-Kaye argued that this measure could be introduced as quickly as two weeks.

However, the Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has insisted this would not be the best way to stop the country importing the virus. 

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