Al-Ansar mosque in Bedok resumes prayers after disinfection; visited 8 times by Covid-19 case between June 26 and July 2

SINGAPORE – Al-Ansar Mosque in Bedok North was notified by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday (July 7) that a confirmed case of Covid-19 had visited the mosque for evening prayers eight times between June 26 and July 2.

As a precautionary measure, the mosque was closed from the evening of July 7 until July 8 to allow for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

The mosque resumed prayer services on July 9, and Friday prayers will be carried out as planned on July 10.

These are the times when the individual with Covid-19 was in the mosque:

June 26 – 8.43pm to 8.59pm

June 27 – 7.25pm to 7.39pm and 8.36pm to 8.54pm

June 28 – 7.21pm to 7.38pm and 8.40pm to 8.58pm

June 30 – 7.21pm to 7.35pm

July 1 – 8.32pm to 8.55pm

July 2 – 8.34pm to 8.51pm

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) advises members of the public who have been to Al-Ansar Mosque at these specified times to monitor their health closely for 14 days from their date of visit.

They should seek treatment if they do not feel well.

Due to the processes that mosques have put in place, the individual was traced, Muis said in a statement on Thursday.

Contact between worshippers at the mosque was transient because of restrictions on the amount of time they can spend in it, Muis added.

The Health Ministry has confirmed that other worshippers are at low risk of being infected.

Muis would like to remind the community to remain vigilant, follow all safe management procedures stipulated by the mosques, and stay home if unwell.

In particular, vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and children, and those with chronic respiratory conditions, are strongly encouraged not to come to the mosques and to perform their prayers at home instead.

“With everyone’s cooperation, we can keep Covid-19 at bay and progressively resume more activities at the mosques in time to come,” added Muis.

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