Australia set to ditch Royal Family after ‘maelstrom of Harry claims’

Prince Harry has ‘thrown his family to the lions’ says Angela Levin

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A royal historian has predicted that Australia will become a republic “in her lifetime”, having noted that the Royal Family has seen a significant drop in popularity since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s string of damning revelations in recent months. Cindy McCreery, a historian specialising in the British Royal Family at Sydney University, told that Australians are turning their backs on the monarchy following the scale of infighting sparked by Prince Harry’s claims.

“Australians are starting to think, things could be different”, she said, as she noted that Prince Harry’s bestselling memoir and TV interviews have certainly “had an impact”.

Dr McCreery added: “It has caused people to think ‘is this really the best we can do?’

“Some people are thinking, the Royal Family is just fighting with one another – how can they possibly put our interests, as head of state, is that really going to work for us?”

While she noted that Harry’s claims against the Firm, which includes the allegation Charles and Queen Camilla’s office would brief the media against the Sussexes to improve their image, are no longer on the front pages, the whole saga has “left people with a bad tast in their mouths about the British Royal Family”.

She references a recent poll, conducted in the wake of Prince Harry’s bestselling memoir and TV interviews, to show the scale of the shift towards a republic.

The survey, conducted by Resolve Strategic for the Sydney Morning Herald, asked participants if their responses had been influenced by the Sussexes recent disclosures.

Over one fifth (21 percent) said the stories had an impact on their view, with 14 percent saying they were now more likely to support a republic. Seven percent said they were less likely to do so.

Commenting on this, Dr McCreery said: “It’s interesting to see how those things are becoming linked in at least some people’s minds here.”

The historian went on to say that she believes Australia is firmly headed towards becoming a republic.

While she was unable to pinpoint an exact timeframe, she said: “I do think we’ll see a republic in the future, in my lifetime.”

Dr McCreery credits part of this to Australia’s change in demographics, as well as the recent negative publicity surrounding the Royal Family.

A high profile royal tour, perhaps by the King and Queen Consort or the Prince and Princess of Wales is likely to shift public sentiment, she said, as visits always “help promote the relationship” with the Royal Family.

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Charles last toured Australia in April 2018, when he was the Prince of Wales.

He visited the cities of Brisbane and Cairns as well as Vanuatu and Darwin, Northern Territory.

During the tour he opened the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on behalf of The Queen.

He was accompanied by Camilla for the trip and was greeted with large crowds throughout the trip.

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