BBC attacked over ‘virtue signalling’ and ‘caricature’ of what a UK patriot looks like

BBC is 'becoming a caricature of patriotism' says expert

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Conservative commentator Darren Grimes argued the BBC has been reduced to a caricature of what patriotism looks like. While discussing the complaints against the broadcasting giant over the coverage of Prince Philip’s death, Mr Grimes said it was not necessary to overload all channels with the Duke. While speaking to TalkRadio’s Mark Dolan, the pair agreed it would be more fitting to just have balance.

By doing this the BBC would be able to avoid virtue signalling on the Duke’s death, according to Mr Doland.

Mr Grimes said: “Perhaps the BBC is moving too far in the opposite direction.

“Perhaps it is now becoming a caricature of what it thinks a patriot looks like.

“I suppose it is the Sir Keir Starmer way of doing politics.

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“He won’t be pictured without the Union Jack behind him because he thinks that will bolster his pro-British credentials.

“I think the BBC is trying to play to the gallery a little bit too much now.

“We don’t need these sort of gimmicks and caricatures.

“We don’t need to have the very sad passing of the Duke of Edinburgh on every single channel.

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“Just running it on your main channel strikes me as being enough to satisfy those, like myself, who did want to commemorate this man.”

Mr Dolan agreed and argued it seemed like a reverse form of virtue signalling.

He said: “It is really interesting, I suppose it is a reverse form of virtue signalling.

“What people want, many who listens to this show wants, is they get fed up of the BBC is the lack of balance.

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“What they would like is some patriotism and some political balance.”

Plans for the Duke’s funeral have been signed off by the Queen and new details about the event have emerged.

The Duke’s low-key funeral will be held at 3pm on Saturday, April 17 and attended by just 30 guests in keeping with COVID-19 restrictions.

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