Bloke drains huge reservoir to find lost phone after dropping it taking selfie

A bloke who dropped his phone in a reservoir used his position as a government official to get the lake drained. He got his phone back, but may have lost his job.

Rajesh Vishwas, 32, dropped his new Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra into the Paralkot reservoir next to the Kherkatta Dam in Chhattisgarh in central India. The phone was valued at 95,000 Rupeees – around £930.

In hope of getting it back, Vishwas persuaded some locals to dive into the 10-foot-deep waters to look for it.

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“Since I am a local, some villagers who know swimming dove in to find my phone,” he explained.

“They looked for it for two days. When they failed to locate it by Tuesday, they suggested draining the water by a few feet. I said the phone would be damaged by now, but the locals, who share a good rapport with me, insisted that they would find it for me.”

He told Indian Express: “I called up the sub divisional officer of Water Resources Department RC Dhivar, who gave oral permission as it was just a few feet of water.

“On Tuesday night, I hired a diesel pump for Rs 7,500 (about £73) and drained around three feet of water from the reservoir over a period of two days.”

Miraculously the phone, a little the worse for its two-day soaking, was located and handed back to its grateful owner.

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But news of his exploit got out and Vishwas, who is a food inspector, has been suspended by bosses at Pakhanjur town in Kanker district.

The suspension order stated: “Vishwas misused his position to look for his mobile phone and without seeking permission from the competent officer evacuated water to the tune of lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of litres in this scorching summer season which is unacceptable. For the aforementioned act, he has been placed under suspension with immediate effect.”

Vishwas defended his action, though, saying ”The water in the reservoir is only used by picnickers for bathing and not for irrigation or any similar purpose.”

Asked how much water he thought he had drained away, he simply replied “I don’t know. You can ask the villagers.”


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