Carer injected E.coli into pal's spine to try and steal victim's cash and son

A twisted carer injected E.coli into her best friend’s spine in a bid to kill the woman for her life insurance policy and to adopt the victim’s son. Jamie Lynn Ridd, 51, was jailed for up to 20 years on Monday over the horrific scheme she concocted against best pal Rachel while living with her in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rachel, who did not want to share her surname, said afterwards: ‘We considered each other family and we called each other our sisters. When I was reading my statement, I could see (Ridd). She didn’t care. Strangers seem to care more than she does. That was really painful for me.’

Ridd’s attempt to kill Rachel began in March 2019, after Rachel underwent multiple surgeries to fuse vertebrae in her back. Ridd agreed to act as a live-in carer, with Rachel making her the beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy, and asking Ridd to adopt her autistic son if she died.

After the surgery, Ridd was tasked with giving Rachel shots aimed at helping with her friend’s recovery. But Rachel said the injections would make her ‘scream and writhe in pain’, and grew concerned by the lumps that began to sprout on her neck next to the injection sites.

She sought medical advice – with doctors discovering Rachel had been injected with E.coli and K.oxytoca bacteria. Both germs can cause potentially serious infections, with Ridd turning to the dark web after those bacteria failed to kill Rachel.

She initially purchased insulin, and began injecting the diabetes medication into Rachel to try and ruin her health, only for that to fail as well.

Ridd then upped the ante and went back on the dark web to try and by  Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (VRSA) – a ‘superbug’ strain of bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics, which can cause serious blood infections and death.

Unbeknownst to her, the VRSA seller was actually an undercover FBI operative who then set up a sting which saw Ridd’s plot against Rachel exposed. According to ABC4, prosectors believe Ridd’s main motive for her crimes was her ‘obsessive desire to take custody of (Rachel’s) son.’

Ridd was jailed for between one and 15 years after admitting attempted use and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, and a further zero to five years behind bars for attempted aggravated abuse of a disabled or elderly adult.

Rachel says she has overcome the worst of her physical ailments – but that it will take far longer to come to terms with her former friend’s plot to kill her.

She explained: ‘ I am on the road to recovery as far as day to day living. But I think the psychological and emotional is probably is going to be what lasts the longest.

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