Cop investigated for dragging 17-year-old boy out of car by his neck

A cop is under investigation after trying to drag a teenage boy out of his vehicle through the window.

An edited video compiling different bodycam videos shows Wyoming police officer Blake Stinson confronting a 17-year-old boy only identified as Cody in his car during a traffic stop.

Stinson gets into a heated argument with Cody after accusing the teen of almost running over a pedestrian at a crosswalk, shows a video posted on YouTube by LackLuster on Sunday.

Cody is seen on the phone with his mother and tells her what is happening in real-time while trying to seek advice.

Meanwhile Stinson, who believes Cody has marijuana or other illegal substances in his car, continues to demand that he get out.

‘I’m going to drag you out,’ says Stinson. ‘You decide.’

Another officer arrives and the two cops reach into Cody’s vehicle. Stinson appears to clasp his hand around Cody’s neck.

A cop demands that Cody unlock his car even though they apparently have him held by both his wrists.

The episode ends with the cops pulling Cody out of his car after the door is unlocked.

Stinson said he arrested Cody due to his ‘failure to yield to a pedestrian’.

Cody’s mother, Teresa Piper, is seen arriving at the scene at the end of the video. She said she was terrified because Stinson allegedly harassed Cody previously, as well as his 14-year-old sister who was sitting in the backseat.

‘He’s humiliated and not only he, but my 14-year-old daughter was in the back seat and she’s been bullied at school since then,’ she told the Daily Mail on Thursday.

Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker stated that the incident is under investigation and that Stinson ‘was emotionally charged for really no reason’.

‘We also ask the community to understand that some videos and social media content which show portions of the video have been edited and narrated to show selective parts of the interaction, and do not necessarily tell the whole story,’ stated Baker.

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