COVID-19: Travel restrictions may be eased for Britons who have had both jabs

The government is considering relaxing restrictions surrounding international travel for Britons who have had both coronavirus vaccines.

A government spokesperson has told Sky News that it is “working with industry for a safe return to international travel, guided by one overwhelming priority – public health”.

They added: “Recognising the strong strategic rationale and success of the vaccine programme, we have commenced work to consider the role of vaccinations in shaping a different set of health and testing measures for inbound travel.”

If approved, the new plan, first reported by The Telegraph, could mean that Britons who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine upon their return from destinations including the US and countries across Europe.

The latest government data shows that more than 30 million people in the UK have now had both doses of a COVID-19 jab.

Few countries appear on the UK’s “green list” for travel, where holidaymakers are not required to quarantine once they return.

At present, Britons are being advised not to travel to “amber list” countries – including popular hotspots such as Spain and France – as government guidelines state they must quarantine at home for 10 days after upon return.

The introduction of relaxed rules for vaccinated Britons could mean breaks to amber list countries would be permitted as the summer holiday season begins.

It would also be a boost for the troubled travel industry, which has struggled to operate under the restrictions and their changing nature.

Demand for travel collapsed in March last year when the UK went into its first lockdown and has yet to recover.

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