Crying golden retriever pups comforted by mum bringing them their favourite toys

A golden retriever mum has been filmed comforting her crying puppies by bringing them her favourite chew toys.

Yami gave birth to three adorable pups two weeks ago and has since been caring for them restlessly at her owner's home in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan province.

Heartwarming dog camera footage captured the three babies crying on the soft mat as their parent watches on.

The first-time mum then searches around the house and finds a chew toy near the dining table.

She brings it over to her newborns in the hope to stop them crying. She does a few rounds and even brings them her bone toy.

As soon as Yami gathers all the toys in the bed, she kindly places the three puppies together so that she can nurse them.

Owner Ms Lu was left surprised when she re-watched the clip after returning later that day, according to MailOnline.

She said: "It was the first time I saw [her] doing this. Sometimes she would remain standing [while feeding] to avoid crushing them.

"I've also spotted her fetching warm clothes to [the puppies]."

Ms Lu's clip has been liked more than 121,000 times on DouYin, a Chinese version of TikTok, with viewers praising Yami for her caring love to the babies.

One said: "This is so loving! Yami is still a young girl and yet she is taking care of her newborns now!"

"She is giving the best to her babies," another dog lover wrote.

Ms Lu also replied in the comments, agreeing that Yami is showing the unwavering love of being a mother.

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