Dad fuming when Calvin Klein shirts he ordered arrived with Primark printing

A dad was left furious when the Calvin Klein shirts he ordered for his teenage son arrived with Primark printed inside.

Jason Bush, 42, was hoping to surprise his 15-year-old son with a £40 branded shirt being sold from Next.

But when he received the polo top in the post, he found that it had "Primark" printed inside – despite being wrapped in CK packaging and bearing tags for the designer brand.

The baffled dad complained to customer service and was promised a correct one would be sent out.

After calling customer service, who promised he would receive a correct one – he got yet another Primark printed shirt.

Jason from Maltby, Rotherham, said: “The shirt came the next day, all packaged nicely as it should be – until I checked the label and saw the word 'Primark'.

"I couldn't see what had happened – how would a shirt from Primark end up being sold in Next with a Calvin Klein label?

"I wanted an explanation which I never got but they did say they'd send a replacement – until that one was exactly the same!

"The second time on the phone I was told 'your guess is as good as mine' by customer services – I couldn't believe it.

"We did get the correct one in the end but by then it was weeks too late, and my son never got his Calvin Klein shirt on Christmas day.

"I paid £40 and was sent shirts I could have bought in Primark for £2.50 each – and I just don't understand how."

The self-employed electrical tester originally ordered the Calvin Klein shirt via the Next website on December 20 and paid an extra fee to ensure it arrived the next day.

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The replacement arrived at his home on December 22, but was unfortunately exactly the same.

"We all thought it was just bizarre – when I explained to my family what had happened, they didn't even believe me at first," Jason said.

Then to add insult to injury, the third replacement arrived without the Primark branding – but was the wrong size.

He said he finally received the correct shirt on January 8 after his reported fourth attempt.

To say sorry, Next sent Jason several shirts for free and refunded him for the original shirt.

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But despite getting a voucher too, the dad says he remains confused by the whole thing and wants answers.

Jason said: "Getting some extra shirts was a nice surprise really, and the voucher was a good apology.

"So it didn't work out too badly!

"I just scratch my head to think how it happened in the first place – I want an explanation!"

Next and Calvin Klein have been contacted for comment.

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