Disgusting footage shows 30 rats swarming near bins on housing estate

Middlesbrough: Rats seen in an alleyway behind Linthorpe Road

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Residents on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough, Teesside, have expressed their anger at the vermin, which they claim have plagued their area for some time. One woman wrote on Facebook: “I tried to tell the council years ago” and another said: “I’m watching this area become a pure dustbin.”

One of the videos appears to show around 30 rats grouped together, Teesside Live reports.

I’m watching this area become a pure dustbin

A Linthorpe Road resident

The video shows the rodents scurry between bins in the dark and narrow alleyway, and appear to eat rubbish left on the ground.

Middlsbrough Council says it has visited the area in recent months in attempts to resolve the issue but has reminded residents to ensure all food waste is bagged and put into the appropriate bins for refuse.

A spokesman for the authority, which Labour lost to no overall control in 2019, said: “Middlesbrough Council responds to all reports of pests and rodents and pest control technicians have visited this alleyway on a number of occasions in recent months to try and resolve the issue.

“We will be visiting the site once more as soon as possible to assess the situation again and decide on the best course of action.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind all businesses and residents to ensure all waste is bagged and then deposited in the appropriate bins as this helps to reduce the source of food for rodents.”

According to reports, rat infestations soared during the coronavirus pandemic.

The British Pest Control Association, which represents 700 businesses across the country, said its members reported an increase of just over 50% during the first lockdown in 2020, and a 78% increase after the second in the November.

Rats in Devon this week left 1,800 homes without electricity after gnawing through cables.

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