Dog owner in stitches at pooch’s reaction to her saying his favourite words

A dog owner has filmed her dog's priceless reaction to her saying his favourite words.

Bella Abree, from Bowling Green in Ohio, US, captured her four-legged friend resting on the bed while she was trying to have a conversation with the pet.

She says: "So today, I was on the walkies with grandma. Off to grandma's house, she's like 'you should come over for din dins."

Her pooch, Finn, instantly gets up upon hearing "walkies" and turns to Bella with an exciting look.

When he hears "din dins", he tilts his head to one side, looking confused and quickly turns away.

Then the 22-year-old carries on and says: "And I was like 'ugh, I don't know. I think I already have din dins planned out'. "

Finn turns his head towards the camera once again as he pays attention to Bella.

"I'm not sure," she says. "Should we go for din dins later? And maybe walkies?"

The excited canine jumps up and looks at Bella as if he is agreeing.

The clip has garnered more than 4.4 million views since she posted it in July, with hundreds of comments praising Finn.

One dog lover said: "He is so cute! I've taught mine to go outside the house when we say 'inside', which is very confusing!"

"This dog is the best! Oh, look at his face," a second wrote.

A third asked: "Why didn't my dog do the same? Your dog is too adorable."

She later revealed in another clip that Finn's favourite words are "walkies", "din dins" and "grandma's house".

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