Donations to Donald Trump's 'election defense' used for travel and hotels

Donald Trump supporters donating to his ‘election defense’ effort will unwittingly be giving cash used for dramatically different purposes. Small print on Team Trump’s appeal for cash to fight his election defeat reveals that only donations over $8,300 will specifically fund his ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign.

Anyone who donates less will have 60% of their cash donated to Trump’s new Save America Political Action Committee (PAC). The remaining 40% goes to the Republican National Committee (RNC) – the official body which leads Trump’s Republican Party.

Both groups have broad discretion over how to use funds donated to them, with Save America likely to splurge on two upcoming Georgia Senate races. Those seats will decide whether the Democrat or Republican party keeps control of the upper house of the US Congress, and are likely to be the most expensive senate races in US history.

Save America can use funds it has raised to pay for travel and hotels to help bolster its prospective senators’ campaigns.

Donations to Trump’s recount efforts are limited to $2,800, meaning a donor would have to pay a total of $11,100 to offer the maximum help to his ongoing election battle.

That comes despite the Trump website carrying a banner which blares ‘OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND’ and ‘CONTRIBUTE NOW.’

President Trump has insisted the election he lost to Joe Biden on Saturday was ‘rigged’, although he has yet to offer concrete evidence to support his claims.

Earlier today, the law firm he hired to challenge the crucial Pennsylvania result withdrew from representing the president.

And US government officials confirmed this week that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in the country’s history, further weakening Trump’s claims of electoral fraud.

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