Elizabeth Hurley Is 56 Going on 26 in Latest Instagram Bikini Shot

It’s always seemed as though Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t age, and after her newest Instagram photoshoot, we’re inclined to believe it too. On Sept. 10, Hurley posted a cheeky video of her rolling on a blanket in a sexy, yellow bikini to her Instagram.

Hurley strikes again with yet another swoon-worthy swimsuit post. On the Instagram video, she captions it, “Last of the September sun #Herefordshire,” followed by a heart emoji. 

In a wicker chair, cheetah throws, and decorative blankets, Hurley is spending the last days of Summer in pure style. She rolls on the designer ensemble, sending her fans an air kiss to end the video.

Hurley recently turned 56 years old this summer, and fans just don’t believe it. 

One fan posted, “56 years old… and look like you’re 26.” 

“How? How do you look exactly the same as you did in the first Austin Powers movie? Can’t be a vampire, you’re always in the sun, LOL,” another wrote. 

Along with almost every comment looking like that, her timeline is flooded with die-hard fans’ heart emojis.

In the video, she tags her other Instagram account, @elizabethhurleybeach, which is dedicated to her personal beachwear line. Despite summer ending, Hurley is keeping it toned and hot in her own, uniquely designed beachwear.

While fans have loved her summer shoots, they’re just as excited to see what the Austin Powers beauty will post in the new season.

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