‘Evil, ugly looking’ London commuter town voted one of the worst places to live in the UK

The top 50 worst places to live in the UK

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Corby in Northamptonshire has been voted the seventh worst place out of 50, according to votes cast on the ILiveHere website. Reviewers gave various reasons why they disliked the town.

One was critical of the current population arguing that Corby was a town for dropouts.

They said: “If it isn’t an evil, ugly looking * with red hair and a celtic top wearing their bling bling and denting your poor “grunger” face with their “bad blinging rings innit” it’s a broken bottle in the face.”

Another reviewer focused on the town’s decline from the days of heavy industry when it attracted workers from Scotland.

They said: “Corby HAD a thriving steel industry and WAS a very hard working place, Scottish people came down to WORK with the steel production.

“However, Corby Steel had been shut for nearly 20 years. . . Instead of these people going back to where they came from they have spawned in Corby thus producing the ****!”

The reviewer was also critical of the allegedly high level of teenage pregnancies in the area.

They said: “However the scariest part of all is how many pregnant 14 year olds patrol the town centre with their handsome bumps produding from their little crop tops.

“Ah yes, Corby, I have to say I am proud that we as a community have produced one thing, the aid in making.” 

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Continuing in the same vein the reviewer said the teenage pregnancy issue along with other social issues, such as crime, made the town particularly unappealing.

They said: “What can be better than having a filthy town centre full of tat shops, the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, the worst areas to live in the County, numerous amounts of stabbing, numerous amounts of attacks forced upon us “alternatives” and a general **** hole??”

Another reviewer was very critical of the local female population.

They said:” [Corby women] are ugly, have stupid hair, and could compete for the Gobbiest Minger Award.” 


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The average house price in Corby is £203,939 which is around £470,000 cheaper than in London.

Bolton, Peterborough, Liverpool, Luton and Huddersfield all beat Corby into the top six ,with Aylesbury voted the worst place to live in the country.

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