‘Flying death sentence’ hypersonic nukes are being stockpiled in China

China has been stockpiling hypersonic nuclear weapons that are capable of evading all the existing anti-missile shields that are deployed by the US and its allies.

The communist country is stockpiling the land-based hypersonic ballistic nuclear missile known as Dong Feng 17 or DF-17. These nuclear weapons can reach speeds of up to 7,680mph, which is ten times the speed of sound, The Sun reports.

Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the country is procuring DF-17 and DF-26 missiles in "large numbers".

Beijing revealed the hypersonic DF-17 nuke in July 2019, showing a four-minute clip that offered a glimpse into the "blindingly fast and unstoppable" missile.

The DF-17 missile contains a hypersonic glide vehicle and can be fitted with a nuclear warhead. According to experts, these missiles are capable of "hitting every corner of the Earth".

Analysts also say that these are designed to move at high speed to evade anti-missile defences, like the ones used by the US and its allies.

Theoretically, the DF-17 can manoeuvre sharply at speeds that are several times greater than the speed of sound, which makes them very difficult to counter.

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This news of stockpiling comes as tensions have flared up between the US and China over Beijing's increasing presence in the disputed South China Sea.

China is also building dummy targets that resemble US aircraft carriers and warships for training drills in a bid "to provoke Americans", according to an expert who spoke to the Sun.

Sam Armstrong, of the Henry Jackson Society, told The Sun these latest war games and training exercises are aimed at provoking the West.

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He said: “These are working models that are ready to be deployed as a training exercise for a real-life operation against western forces.

“You don’t build a training model of an aircraft carrier unless you’re planning to run a bombing raid on an aircraft carrier.”

China has previously conducted several tests of its hypersonic missile systems. It was reported that one of China's hypersonic nukes fired a second missile while it was still travelling five times faster than the speed of sound.

This was a technology feat that no other country has managed to achieve, and has left even the Pentagon scientists baffled.

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