Globe-trotting diamond geezer boasts ‘world’s best job’ selling gems to celebs

Hollywood A listers, millionaire footballers and supermodels are among those flying a diamond expert Brit around the globe.

Dovi Fehler claims to have the "world's best job" hand-delivering stunning diamonds worth up to £500,000 a piece to mega-rich clients of his Hatton Garden-based firm, London Jeweller.

Out of respect of customer confidentiality, the 30-year-old has kept their identities under wraps but Dovi has no problem disclosing he's made trips to the likes of Los Angeles, Dubai and Venice to hand deliver necklaces and engagement rings.

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Dovi was even recently tasked with taking a £100,000 ring to a Bundesliga footballer in Germany where he stayed to ensure that the ring met expectations of the player's fiancée.

“I can see why a lot of people think I’ve got the world’s best job,” he said.

“It certainly has its perks – travelling being the major one. I’ve been everywhere delivering jewellery including places like Los Angeles and Dubai.

"The reason why fly me out is because they have full faith and trust in me that I will deliver.

“Many of them want and expect what they have ordered to be exactly to a tee what they asked for.

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“It is my job to ensure that this happens so although it may seem like the perfect job – it does come with a lot of pressure.”

Other trips include visiting LA to hand over a £210,000 15 radiant cut diamond.

Mr Fehler also went to Dubai to deliver a £300,000 10 carat engagement ring to an American client who was proposed to his girlfriend.

Mr Fehler has a decade’s experience in the industry and passionately blogs about jewellery.

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While many of his clients buy high-end pieces which often cost well in excess of £100,000 – he uses his platform to show people with more modest means how to get the most for their money.

He explained: “There is a misconception that all jewellery is extremely expensive and therefore beyond ordinary people.

“What I am keen to point out is that while there are many enormously expensive items, there are vastly more affordable items.

“They may not be the same carat or clarity but are beautiful nonetheless.

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“And to the naked eye many will appear no different.

“That is the key message I want to get across to people – they don’t need to remortgage their house to afford nice jewellery.

“The more people who know that, the better in my book.”


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