Harry and Meghans awkward private jet pics show stunning irony expert says

"Awkward" photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arriving back from their New York trip on a private jet show "stunning irony", a royal commentator has claimed.

Columnist Daniela Elser has slammed the ex-royal pair as "hypocrites" for riding home on the lavish aircraft after constantly preaching the importance of 'doing our bit' for the environment.

"The stunning irony here is that one of the very reasons that the self-exiled members of the royal family had been in New York was to attend the Global Citizen Live concert where they called for vaccine equality," Elser wrote for news.com.au.

She continued: "Another goal of the celebrity-filled event? Calling on the US to have its greenhouse emissions and for the world’s wealthy nations developing countries to go green."

Elser called back to the past couple of years where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have previously come under fire for preaching environmentalism but not walking the walk in their own lives.

"Clearly, two years of regular press and social media clamouring about this double standard seems to have had zero impact on their decision-making," she wrote.

The royal commentator suggested that Harry and Meghan "seem to have absolutely zero interest" in making a change regarding their past 'mistakes'.

Representatives for the Sussexes have been approached for comment.

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The ex-royal couple touched back down in California late Saturday evening after a whirlwind three-day trip in the Big Apple.

Along their trip, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stopped by Central Park’s Global Citizens Festival to discuss the importance of getting vaccinated.

In photos acquired by MailOnline, Harry and Meghan were seen leaving the lavish jet and affectionately embracing members of staff who had travelled with them on the trip.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were dressed casually after their intense three-day paparazzi-heavy trip.

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Christine Schirmer, the couple's PR, were among the staff saying their goodbyes before the pair headed off in a jeep to their Californian mansion.

During the three-day trip, Prince Harry was spotted wearing a wire – causing speculation that the trip may be being filmed for their upcoming multi-million dollar Netflix deal.

A man with a video camera was also spotted following the couple.

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