‘I blame Putin for my son’s death after Russia shot down MH17 over Ukraine’

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A devasted dad whose son was blown up by Russian forces on the deadly Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has demanded the West does more to counter president Vladimir Putin.

Richard Mayne, 20, was one of 283 passengers on board the plane that was shot down as it flew over eastern Ukraine in July 2014.

Now his dad, Simon Mayne, says he holds the “deranged” Russian president “personally responsible” for the tragedy.

He slammed Western politicians and told The Sunday Times: “The free world is led by a herd of sheep.

“There is silence from Germany, the ludicrous prancing of Emmanuel Macron pretending to be an important go-between, the lack of leadership from Joe Biden. Vladimir Putin can see this and has weighed up the risks.”

Richard, a Leeds University student who was on his way to Australia to study, “could not wait” to arrive and “chat up a few Sheilas” – but Russian missile launchers hit the plane and turned it into debris in Ukrainian village Hrabove.

The infamous incident sparked a huge investigation and anger towards Russia from all across the world, including US President Barack Obama.

But the Russian aggression has continued with a recent invasion of Ukraine on Thursday (February 24), as the eastern European country remains defiant against the invaders with citizens donning Molotov cocktails in the street and vowing to stop Putin’s war machine.

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Simon continued: “I never thought that I would see scenes in my lifetime reminiscent of the Second World War. The idea that a nation such as Russia could attack a neighbouring state seems preposterous.

“The world has stood by and let Russia do what it likes when it likes."

He added: “There is this tripe that Ukraine is not part of Nato, and therefore it is acceptable for it to be invaded; for people to be “disappeared”, tortured, displaced and murdered. Our leaders are again abnegating their responsibilities, showing exactly the lack of backbone that Putin is relying on.

Does anyone really think these sanctions against oligarchs will bother Russia, with its reserves of foreign currency and with oil and gas prices soaring?”

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