Inside city brothel with red light in each room and bags of condoms

Police officers who stormed a vice den in Birmingham were greeted by the sight of a flat stuffed with condoms and massage lube and a red light in each room.

The property, which was located on Birmingham's busy Broad Street was being used as a brothel, and following the jailing of two people involved in the illegal unit, pictures from inside the sordid flat have been shared.

Police investigating the crime have said the premises were being used to "exploit trafficked and vulnerable women in Birmingham".

The women were "lured" from China, sent across Britain and made to have sex with up to ten men a day, police said.

Deli Sun, 49 and Xiao Qin Zhong, 48, were both jailed for their part in running the sex operation after a long police investigation.

The investigation was launched after they were made aware of a brothel with links to other locations in the country as well as trafficking, prostitution and sexual exploitation offences.

Support staff from Women’s Aid and police had visited the flat last July to speak to a sex worker who had previously been found working elsewhere.

Police said Sun opened the door when officers arrived at the property, but once inside they found that two women, one being Zhong, were living there and it was clearly being used as a brothel.

In each room there was a red light, a bed and other evidence of sex work including bags of condoms.

Five phones were seized in total, on which police found conversations arranging sexual exchanges with potential clients. It also detailed the sexual services on offer, prices and the location of the brothel.

Wording from an advert used to lure girls from China to work in the UK as a sex worker was found on the WeChat messaging app.
Zhong and Sun made significant amounts of money by exploiting trafficked and vulnerable women, police said.

They spoke about money freely on WeChat – one message detailed Sun sending £16,000 of ill-gotten gains to his wife back in China, £13,000 of which was then sent back to Zhong, police added.

The pair pleaded guilty to keeping a brothel for prostitution during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court in December.

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Zhong, who managed the brothel and saw clients when other women were unavailable, was sentenced to ten months behind bars. Sun was sentenced to seven months.

The pair were jailed at the same court on Friday, February 4.

Speaking after the case, Det Con Tammy Newman-Smith said: "These two were part of a conspiracy directing and controlling the activities of sex workers who have been lured over from China and trafficked throughout the UK.

“They had absolutely no regard for the wellbeing of the women they controlled, with many of the women being visited by up to ten clients a day. They treated them simply as objects for their own personal financial gain.

"I'd like to thank everyone who ultimately helped us bring them to justice and we’re pleased that they’ve now been jailed for their crimes.

“While we remain committed to rooting out this often-unseen crime and bringing offenders like these to justice, we also work closely with Women’s Aid, Anawim and a range of other agencies to safeguard vulnerable women and get them valuable help and support."

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