‘Like a race track’: Frightening moment car flips, crashes on notorious Whanganui road

A driver was lucky to escape without any major harm after her car flipped coming around a bend while travelling in a suburban neighbourhood in Whanganui.

In terrifying footage obtained by the Herald, the driver was seen coming hurtling around the corner on Harper St before losing control, hitting the kerb and sending the car over on its side.

While on its side, the car slid forward and slammed into a tree before coming to a halt on the road.

Resident Joe, who saw the incident unfold, told the Herald the woman was lucky to not be seriously injured, especially given the greasy conditions.

He described the road as “like a race track”.

“As you come around you can’t really see what’s coming. It’s just a race track. there are so many [people] that come hooning around the corner.

“Not a single bit of brake light used at all during this crash. It was such a big collision I thought she had been thrown from the vehicle.”

Joe said he raced out to try and help the woman but she soon left the scene.

“I ran out, jumped the fence and tried to give her my hi-vis because it looked like she was in shock.

“I was amazed she wasn’t seriously more hurt. Both the airbags went off.”

Police confirmed the driver had left the scene of the accident and they were hoping to track her down.

“The driver had left the scene when emergency services arrived and inquiries are ongoing to locate them.

“We would encourage anyone with information that could assist our inquiries into the crash to get in touch with us via 105, quoting event number P044709087.”

Joe, who has lived on the street for two decades, says the road is notorious for crashes and he wishes people would slow down.

He told the Herald the thought of another crash often leaves residents awake at night.

“It’s like a race track. You can hear high-revving engines and you hear the tyres screeching.

“Laying in bed at night you always tense up wondering if you’re going to hear a bang because you do. We hear it multiple times every year.”

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