Liverpool fans fuming as Man City fan coach cuts them up and driver swears

A Manchester coach company has responded to a "dangerous" video that appears to show one of their drivers swearing at a group of Liverpool fans.

The audacious clip shows the driver cutting up the fans on the motorway and putting his middle finger up at them through the window.

The shocked motorist filmed tagged company Mostonian in the footage on Twitter and claimed their driver held the gesture for several minutes.

Mostonian said they do not "condone this form of driving" and confirmed they are investigating the incident.

It comes after Liverpool beat Manchester City at Wembley to reach the FA Cup final.

Liverpool bar Taggy’s posted the video online and said: "Sorry to be a grass, but this is absolutely dangerous behaviour on the motorway @gmpolice and @Mostonians.

"He was like that for about 5minutes yesterday."

In response, Mostonian told the Daily Star: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

"We do not condone this form of driving in any shape or form.

"I can confirm that we will be looking into this and conducting a full and thorough investigation into this occurrence.

"We at Mostonian pride ourselves on our service, reputation and the safety of our passengers and other road users."

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Fans were left outraged by the incident online and branded the driver a "b***end" and said he should be condoned for his "disgraceful behaviour".

One user said: "You’re not being a grass mate, that’s absolutely disgraceful behaviour and driving, the p***k needs to lose his license asap."

While another commented: "You're not being a grass mate. This is a Manchester Coach being a total b***whiff.

"Putting dozens of people in danger. Ffs it's only a football game.

"Lock him up in Walton."

In response to the tweets, Taggy's bar said the driver was a "massive danger to loads of people."

They added: [ It ] was shocking tbh [ to be honest ]. Just laughed at him first, but then realised he was a massive danger to loads of people so we filmed him. Scary to think people like that drive big coaches."

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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