London flooding: Family saved via raft after driving car into a few feet of water – VIDEO

London flooding: Passengers rescued from car in Worcester Park

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Laughs and jeers can be heard as the family are attended to by rescue services in a large boat after the driver of a silver 4×4 attempted to cross a heavily flooded underpass in Worcester Park, South West London. The footage comes as a deluge swamped London and areas of the south of England which saw 51ml of rainfall in just three hours in some areas of London.

An orange rescue boat can be seen attending to the family as a rescue team pull out the passengers from the submerged vehicle one by one.

A crowd gathers on a nearby footpath as they film the rescue efforts with a number of people making comments about why the driver tried to make the crossing in the first place.

Rescue teams can be seen removing around three people, of which at least one appears to be a small child.

With each person rescued, the crowd send up a cheer and laughter as people continue to laugh about the situation they are watching unfold.

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And then out of the blue, a man sparks raptures of laughter as he appears to mock the family by walking through the water in a pair of wellington boots.

He can be seen making gestures towards the family and rescuers as he crosses the deluge by foot.

The man emerges on the other side of the bridge totally drenched before removing his shirt and swinging it around his head.

The footage comes amid a deluge of rainfall which caused major flash flooding in tube stations and on the roads across London on Sunday.

London: Plaistow hit with flash flooding after heavy downpours

The downpour caused many drivers to abandon their vehicles across the capital while social media footage showed fire crews trying to rescue stranded drivers, who were in danger of becoming submerged underwater.

Forecasters said that July normally sees around 47ml worth of rainfall but an astonishing 51ml of rain fell in just three hours in East London, according to the Met Office.

One video clip posted to Twitter showed torrents of water pouring into Pudding Mill Lane DLR station, creating whirlpools at ticket barriers at least a few feet deep.

While the London Fire brigade were swamped with emergency calls, receiving more than 300 by 4.30pm on Sunday.


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The public continued to post photographs of the floods on social media, which depicted some remarkable scenes of extreme weather.

But despite the torrents of rainfall across the south, the weather is calmer on Monday with highs of 26C in some areas, according to BBC Weather.

However, a new wet weather front is due to arrive late on Monday evening that will bring rain for the rest of the week.

The weather front arriving off the Atlantic ocean to the west of England will see heavy rain overnight and into Tuesday as the forecast is set to dramatically change with more rain predicted to lash the UK for the next week.

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