Man beat girlfriends daughter, 2, to death after she put shoes on wrong feet

A killer who savagely beat his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter because put her shoes on the wrong feet has been jailed for murder.

At 426th Judicial District Court Jadin Nunez was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail after Shannah McAlpine was beaten to death in Temple, Texas just a few days before her third birthday.

Shannah and her mother, Ashley Marie McAlpine, were supposed to be going out to get supplies for her birthday party.

But the little girl put her shoes on the wrong feet and Nunez, 27, choked the child “until she turned blue” reports the Killeen Daily Herald.

McAlpine claims she shouted at Nunez to stop but was unable to prevent him from choking her daughter. She says the choking went on for a “couple of minutes.”

He then reportedly hit the girl in the face, and the picked her up – punching her in the stomach a number of times.

Shannah was put to bed but woke up at around 2am.

McAlpine called emergency number 911 and reported that Shannah was unable to stand on her own and the little girl had “complained of stomach pain and was not breathing right”.

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McAlpine said Shannah’s stomach was “swollen and hot” and she had placed her in the shower to try to cool her down.

Paramedics and police arrived at the house Nunez shared with McAlpine and her mother just before 3am on September 22 2019. Shannah was said to be unresponsive and “covered” in bruises.

She was pronounced dead at 3.31am, according to a police report.

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An autopsy results revealed that the two-year-old died of “blunt trauma to her stomach”. Nunez was arrested two days after Shannah’s death.

Last week, a Bell County jury found Nunez guilty on the charge of capital murder of a child under 10

McAlpine has also been charged, with authorities saying that she had failed to stop Nunez from attacking her child. She is currently being held in Bell County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Her pre-trial court hearing is scheduled for 29 October. She has entered a plea of not guilty.

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