Man shot over cold McDonalds chips died sparking murder investigation

A McDonald's employee who was shot in the neck after engaging in an argument with a customer over cold chips has died, according to police on Friday.

The New York City worker, Matthew Webb, "succumbed to his injuries" after he was shot in the neck outside the fast-food restaurant, the NYPD said.

Working in the Bedford-Stuyvesant McDonald's in Brooklyn, the force said the attack on Webb "has been deemed a homicide" with Michael Morgan, 20, having already been charged with attempted murder as well as criminal possession of a loaded firearm.

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Morgan is also expected to face upgraded homicide charges, prosecutors told a court hearing Thursday (August 4), a day before Webb’s death was confirmed.

Morgan shot Webb in anger due to his mother, Lisa Fulmore, getting served cold fries and when she requested to talk to a manager on Monday evening (August 1), she was laughed at by workers while on FaceTime with her son who made his way to the restaurant and immediately engaged in a fight with Webb that ended up on the pavement.

Once Morgan punched Webb in the face, the latter got up and was then shot in the neck, prosecutors alleged.

Fulmore told police that her son told her "he gotta do what he gotta do".

Camellia Dunlap, Morgan's girlfriend, has been charged with weapons possession for allegedly handing Morgan the gun.

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She was brought before a court on Wednesday (August 3) and held on $50,000 (£41,000) cash bail, after admitting to possessing the gun, according to prosecutors.

The charges didn't stop there for the 20-year-old Morgan who was also charged with an earlier murder after allegedly confessing during questioning about the shooting of Webb.

Morgan allegedly killed Kevin Holloman in October 2021.


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