Meghan and Harry may skip Philip event as they know it shouldnt be about them

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might skip Prince Philip’s memorial service and instead record a private video message, a royal commentator has claimed.

The couple recently attracted attention when it was announced that Harry was challenging a Home Office decision to not allow him to pay for his own private security while in the UK.

In a statement, Harry’s legal representatives listed five specific reasons why the Sussexes would not feel safe if they were to visit the royals, including threats from Neo-Nazis in the past.

This has thrown the question of the Duke of Sussex’s attendance at a memorial event commemorating his late grandfather Philip into doubt.

A service of thanksgiving is expected to be held for the Queen’s late husband later this year, but speaking on his YouTube channel, royal commentator Neil Sean suggested that Harry and Meghan might prefer to send a video message instead of attending in-person.

“It’s very difficult for Harry and Meghan because if they do come back over here and pay for their own private security, whichever way they turn, all eyes will be on them,” he suggested.

Neil went on to explain that a visit to the UK would be heavily scrutinised, with attention being focused on who interacted – or failed to speak to – the former royals.

“So I don’t necessarily see this as a way forward,” he continued.

“What I’ve been told, allegedly, is that both Harry and Meghan could offer the opportunity of a video recorded message.

“Not necessarily to be played out in Westminster Abbey either, this may be played privately at a function afterwards, we believe possibly at Windsor Castle.

“I believe this would be the best way forward for the ex-royals, simply because they know themselves that that day shouldn’t be about them.

“The sole focus should be on allowing our gracious Majesty the Queen, like the rest of us, to remember this one favourite royal in their own time and space, without of course turning it into a media circus about two people who now allegedly do not want to be part of that particular family."

This year also marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and a royal expert has claimed that Harry has reached out to Prince Charles to heal their alleged rift so that Harry might be able to visit for the festivities.

Daily Star has contacted Meghan and Harry's representatives for comment.

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