Meghan Markle ‘snubbed’ by Queen mourner who looks away during awkward handshake

Meghan Markle was "snubbed" by mourners who waited outside Windsor Castle to pay tributes to the late Queen, who passed away peacefully at Balmoral.

The Duchess of Sussex joined her husband Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton to greet the crowds as they mourned the loss of Her Majesty.

Harry and Meghan had travelled to the UK from Germany where they had planned to attend an Invictus Games 2023 event.

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It's the first time in two years the four of them reunited as a group in a public appearance and the crowds were stunned to meet them up close.

The newly-appointed Prince and Princess of Wales and the Sussexes walked half a mile down to talk to the well-wishers and shake their hands as they accepted the blessings and flowers.

But some appeared to have "deliberately ignored" Meghan when she put out her hand to offer a handshake.

One young woman is seen covering her mouth and turning away as Meghan walks past and gently touches her arm instead.

Another woman puts on her sunglasses and looks at her phone to keep herself busy in front of Meghan.

While Meghan moves further down, a mourner in navy top avoids eye contact and looks down, waiting her to greet other mourners.

She shakes her head to the younger woman next to her and beamed an awkward smile.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.

The moment was spotted by viewers, who tweeted: "The lady in blue is having none of it."

One said: "Yeah, she deliberately ignored her!"

"A lot of people were having none of it and merely put on a polite smile, I noticed," a second shared. "They were actually filming William and Kate over their heads, it was pretty bizarre to see."

"I love the lady in blue! She is all of us," another added.


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