Mia Khalifa in hysterics as she strips off in desert with massive mug of coffee

Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa threw her head back with laughter as she balances a cup of coffee and strips off in the desert.

Her Instagram post already has over half a million likes, with followers flocking to see the influencer enjoying time in the sun.

The former adult sensation, who recently jetted to Italy and declared it her “second home”, regularly keeps fans updated with her travels.

She is currently enjoying the blue skies and sand on another trip and was snapped relaxing on a blanket with fresh fruit in brown socks and a jumper in the candid pictures.

Mia dons matching sunglasses in the shoot and playfully laughs before cheekily turning her back and stripping her top off.

The beautiful weather enjoyed by the Lebanese brunette is in stark contrast to England, where she stayed last month.

But despite the climate, she enjoyed her time in the UK and joked she might “never leave” after enjoying a full English breakfast and pint.

Mia often causes a stir amongst her dedicated fanbase, and one bloke recently went so far he permanently inked himself with a drawing of her.

But Mia insisted she didn’t find it creepy and took to social media to personally thank the fan, declaring “I love it”.

The tattoo, which was sent in by someone from Cuba, shows the sexy star with her hair down, wearing her trademark glasses and with one hand raised over her face as if she's shielding her eyes from the sun.

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Although she’s very active on social media today, Mia had to quit Instagram in 2015 after receiving abuse and death threats.

Terror group ISIS even photoshopped a picture of the celebrity getting beheaded.

She admitted at the time: “It gets to you after a while” and explained: “It does worry me but I try not to show it, because you can't show weakness.”

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