Moment ‘poo bandit’ drops his pants and defecates on disgusted couple’s driveway

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A couple were left disgusted when they caught a man defecating on their driveway before stripping half-naked when he fled the scene.

Wajed Iqbal, 46, received a phone call from his wife saying she spotted a man taking a dump right next to their house and leaving a mess all over the place.

In the footage he put on Facebook in a bid to find the culprit, the man finds a spot by the roadside and takes off his trousers and underwear to relieve himself as he leans against the fence.

After that, he starts taking off his shoes, his trousers and even his boxer shorts.

The man picks up his belongings and his long trousers and disappears as he heads to the back of Wajed's car.

The entire incident lasted about a minute as the CCTV picked up on the bizarre encounter on Saturday, April 2.

The fuming resident told Lancashire Live that he found out who the culprit is after posting the video on Facebook.

He said: "I've messaged them to contact me to clean what they've left behind and they never contacted me.

"The guy who's done it, he contacted me saying he's really sorry and he wants to pay £50. I said, I don't want the money, I want him to come and clean the crap he's left behind.

"I'll give him a bucket of water, clean it and pick up your underwear from next door and take it with you."

Wajed said he decided to forgive him as he pointed out it's Ramadan, the month of forgiveness but it was a disgusting act.

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He added: "You could've had anyone walking past and to see a naked man, anyone could've seen that and you don't want to be seeing that stuff.

"There's a petrol station just literally a hundred metres away that have got toilets, go there, not on someone's driveway.

The homeowner said the excrement remains on his drive as he hopes to get in contact with the culprit to ask him to clean it away.

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