Mourner from Robert Trump's funeral 'punches restaurant worker in the face'

A mourner at the funeral of President Donald Trump’s brother allegedly punched a restaurant worker in the face after being told the group was too large due to coronavirus rules.

Reports suggest a server at Fig & Olive restaurant in Washington DC was left with a broken nose.

A restaurant worker told NBC that a mourner ‘clocked [the server] right in the nose’ after he said the ‘unruly’ group were too big in numbers to accommodate due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Some of the party were reportedly still holding programmes from the funeral of Robert Trump, 71, who died last Saturday.

‘Somebody blindsided one of my servers. Clocked him right in the nose. ‘My server’s nose is pretty crooked. Pretty sure the guy broke it.’

The restaurant worker added: ‘They didn’t apologise. Just said, “you don’t know how to speak to people”.’

The attacker has not been identified, though the restaurant worker said no ‘high-profile’ Trump was involved.

The apparent altercation was just hours after President Trump held a rare private funeral service for his brother in the White House.

Around 200 people were invited to the private ceremony, though only a few dozen were pictured on the steps.

Robert Trump is one of only a handful of citizens to have had their funeral at the White House.

President Trump reportedly footed the bill for his brother’s service.

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