Mum fuming after being sold ‘used’ toothbrush with ‘dried saliva’ on it

A mum claims a £25 toothbrush had crusted saliva and toothpaste on from a previous owner who must have returned it.

Becky Redding, 48, was disgusted to find an electric toothbrush she had bought for her teenage daughter, had already been used, GloucestershireLive reports.

When she took the item back to the Savers store in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Becky was appalled by the manager who she claims said the toothbrush had been in quarantine for 72 hours so was harmless.

Becky from Northway said: "In hindsight, I'm an idiot, it was quite clearly used. My daughter said 'it smells like toothpaste mum' and I said 'don't be so stupid'."

"We realised that it wasn't the original head to the toothbrush, so we took it off and it was all crusted with water, saliva and toothpaste residue. Down the side of the handle, there were water stains."

When asked what she thought had happened, she said that she believes that someone bought the toothbrush, realised the motor was faulty, took it back and it was "just put back on the shelf".

The school worker says she was shocked by the Savers' shop manager's lack of reaction to the issue.

Mrs Redding said: "We took it back to the store and were really discreet about it, just asked to speak to the manager.

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"The manager came over, and she asked what was wrong, I told her that the toothbrush was used and she just said, 'Oh right, I'll get you a refund'.

"I was gobsmacked. I said, 'Is that all?'"

But she said she was then less than impressed when she says that the manager said: "Oh are you looking for money back? I'm not giving you any money back."

"Given that it is a global pandemic, the whole thing has made me actually fuming.

"They got my back up and said 'oh well it was given 72 hours quarantine to make sure there was no risk of Covid spread'.

"I'm sorry but if you bought a box of Tampax, and a tampon was used you wouldn't say 'oh just give it three days', it's someone else's bodily fluids!"

A spokesperson for Savers said: "We offer our sincerest apologies to the customer, and have spoken with them to arrange a refund or replacement in addition to a gift voucher as a goodwill gesture.

"We currently have a quarantine system set up for all customer returns, which we can confirm was followed, however, the product should not have been accepted as a return in the first instance and we are working closely with the store to ensure refunds continue to be processed in the correct manner."

They added: "We would like to reassure our customers that all returns are thoroughly inspected to ensure that are unused and in a resalable condition."

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