‘Nearly one-way ticket!’ Anti-vaxxer urges Brits to get jab after almost dying with Covid

Anti-vaxxer advises Britons to get vaccinated after getting Covid

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Mr Fadil told Sky News he had originally been sceptical about booking his COVID-19 vaccination but changed his mind after he was diagnosed with the infection. The recovering coronavirus patient said he was not afraid of the jab but had originally believed warning about the disease to have verged into “propaganda.” He told Sky host Kay Burley: “It all started in the first week of June.

“I was invited to London by my good friend for dinner. Ironically, the theme of the conversation over dinner was the vaccine and I was an advocate for non-vaccination.

“I came back home and it was like I crossed over the other side.

“It was nearly a one-way ticket for me because I suddenly had everything collapse in me.”

He added: “As it is now, I’m 180 degrees the other way, I advise everybody to go for the vaccine, to be honest.”

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Asked why he had originally been sceptical to get jabbed, Mr Fadil said: “I was reluctant, it wasn’t fear.

“I thought it was pharmacists’ propaganda without realising that I was putting myself in a serious, serious situation which nearly cost me my life.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed in early July coronavirus jabs have now been offered to all British adults.

The Government has continued to promote its vaccination campaign, insisting double jabs will ensure the UK is able to ease lockdown restrictions over the next month.

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