New Aldi site making womans life unbearable as she fears home is unsellable

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A furious homeowner said that it has been like living next to a "shipping container" since building work began on a new Aldi store and that it has made life "unbearable" but while she has considered moving, she is worried that no one would buy the house now.

Fiona Colquhoun, 52, was horrified to learn that Aldi had been given permission to increase the size of its store in Norton as she and her husband Tom, 54, live just 10 metres away.

She said they have been unable to sit in the garden due to the noise from the workforce and dirt is constantly blown onto their property, reports TeesideLive.

Fiona fears that the corrugated sheets which have been placed on the back of the store have decreased the value of the home which she has lived in for 24 years.

She said she has "seriously considered" moving house but is concerned that she will not be able to sell the end property on Washington Grove.

Fiona said: "It looks like we are living next door to a shipping container, it's like an industrial estate. It's corrugated steel at the back of the shop right next door to my house.

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"I'm certain it's hit the value of my house, it's an absolute joke. I haven't had it revalued but if you saw it you would say it's horrible to look at next door."

She said that they have had to put up with noise coming from machinery on the building site, as well as swearing coming from workers.

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"I look after my granddaughter every Thursday. My granddaughter is two, learning to talk. I'm scared one of the words is going to be the F-word or the B-word or the C-word. I can't keep my granddaughter caged up in the house like a little animal.

"We have complained loads and no one does anything. We have had an absolute nightmare and I have found it really, really unbearable. But they just don't care – because it's just one house they just do what they want. It's ridiculous."

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Fiona said that the dust coming from the building site has been leaving her windows and the outside of her property dirty.

"When they demolished the shop all the debris came over. I was having to go out and clean my car, it was covered in dust. I have to clean my patio, it's filthy," she said.

An Aldi spokesperson said: "We always look to work with local communities to mitigate the impact of any construction work we carry out.

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"As a close neighbour, we have been in touch with Ms Colquhoun throughout construction and are sorry to hear that her experience has been unsatisfactory.

"We will continue to discuss any concerns Ms Colquhoun still has directly as we approach completion on-site next month, and the opening of our store in September."

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