New Royal Mail stamps celebrate wildlife found around UK coast

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While a further four showcase the key levels of a marine food chain, such as the transfer of energy from algae to a top predator. Royal Mail worked with marine biologist David Sims on the stamps which will sell for £14.50.

The professor of marine ecology at the University of Southampton said: “The stamps are a great opportunity to celebrate the UK’s wonderfully diverse marine life but also to acknowledge our responsibility to protect these increasingly impacted species and ecosystems.”

Other wildlife making an appearance on the stamps include the Northern Gannet, cuttlefish, orca, cuckoo wrasse and fried-egg anemone.

Around 3,000 species of animal and seaweed are known to inhabit UK coastal waters.

Royal Mail said: “The UK is fringed by a patchwork of unique and beautiful marine habitats – from wild, Atlantic shorelines, to placid lochs and lagoons, sheltered by complex coastal geological features.

“These places support an incredible diversity of wildlife, each species interacting in complex and often fascinating ways.”

The stamps are available to pre-order from today at, and go on general sale from July 22.


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