Newborn baby wrapped in rosary beads found alive in abandoned cabinet in alley

A newborn baby was found stuffed inside the drawer of a dresser that had been abandoned in an alleyway in Chicago.

The little boy was rescued alive on Tuesday morning by a passerby on North Oak Park Avenue in Chicago’s Montclare neighborhood. The good Samaritan, who called for paramedics, said the boy was wrapped in rosary beads and his mouth was filled with vomit. 

The child, who officials said was less than a week old, was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he remains and is in good condition.

‘It’s a good thing somebody came by. It’s hot out there, it could’ve ended differently, but it’s all seemingly worked out’, said Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department while speaking to the Chicago Tribune.

The woman who found him said she was walking along the block when the dresser drawers caught her eye, according to ABC 7 Chicago. She told the outlet how she approached the furniture, planning to recycle the handles on the drawers, and that’s when she found the baby. 

‘I put my finger on the little foot, to just to see he was moving’, she told NBC Chicago. 

The woman stayed with the baby until paramedics arrived and took him away.   

Officials said trash pickup was underway on Tuesday in the area where the infant was found. It’s not clear, however, if the dresser was close enough to the curb that it would have been hauled away by trash collection crews.

Temperatures in Chicago were in the 70s Fahrenheit at the time the child was found but climbed into the 90s by the afternoon. 

In Illinois, the state Chicago is located in, parents can safely leave newborns up to 30 days old at hospitals, police and fire stations with no questions asked.

‘Every time I think about the little details, it just makes me mad’, the woman who rescued the baby boy said, reflecting on his parents’ decision to leave him in an alley in the middle of August.

So I’m just gonna focus on the miracle that I was there, and that everybody showed up on time…’

The Chicago Police Department has confirmed that officers are investigating how the baby got into the dresser and is seeking to identify the baby.

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